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Get paid to help people progress, going from struggling with debt to homeownership: Help people sign up for a legal plan, that includes consultations with a consumer protection attorney, to potentially take action about debt collectors who are acting unlawfully.

Attorneys review for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, RESPA, TCPA and other federal and state consumer protection laws. When violations are identified, attorneys generally take cases on a contingency basis with no out of pocket cost to members.

Also, as a Loan Officer (Subject to low qualification), maintain high trust relationships; empower people to make important financial decisions with up-to-date mortgage industry information; assist consumers in resolving their credit issues to quality for a home loan and help your community increase access to homeownership.

Our fellowship of financial institutions will assist you and other underserved communities throughout the nation to have better access to financing, banking resources, and homeownership opportunities.

We provide training, marketing materials, and ongoing coaching to help you reach your income goals. Work from home and set your own hours as an independent affiliate.

Build a team to help more people and earn greater income.


 Legal Plan Allowing Membership Access to Consumer Protection Attorneys trained to help Identify/Consumer protection.

For future homebuyers, we get that home loans can be confusing and stressful – But they don’t have to be. And we work to make sure they aren’t. We'll work with you to research down payment options and connect you with professionals to help document your income. Create a financial future that is dictated by you as a homeowner, not your debt.

After you have the opportunity to meet with a Company Representor Face to Face to renew all that Debt Cleanse has to offer.

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